If you are the Applicant or the customer , here is the procedure to follow to report an event, or make a claim or complaint. You must file the report in your Customer Portal, under the event tab and answer the questions.


We do not accept any event taking or complaints by phone or email.


If you want a follow-up, the Client Portal is your communication link.


You can also complete the complaint and event form. If you are a customer you will be redirected to the Customer Portal.


We only accept requests received through the Portal and, for non-customers, via the form.


For a best efficiency and compliance, our employees cannot accept requests over the phone; you will be referred to the Portal and, where applicable, to the form available on our website.


If you are not a customer, please complete the Accident or Event form by clicking here. For a Complaint, click here.


In case of problem or other request. You can contact us at the email address: An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to you within 10 working days.


Fill out this complaint form to share the situation with us.

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