Did you know? You can register your company as a contact for the pick-up and delivery of your vehicles.


We will send you notices that will allow you to follow the movement or vehicle delivery (approximate date and times), from pickup to delivery. These notifications will replace paper communications.


It's simple and eco-friendly! Sign up further down this page.


If you are the Requesting Customer, an email with a tracking number will be sent to you, if you do not have this email, go to your Customer Portal to find this number in your trip.


You can share this tracking number with all employees of your company involved in this trip. The real-time status as well as the information you deem necessary to share with them will be accessible to them. Only the Requesting Client can obtain the tracking number. In the event that the tracking number has not been shared with other employees of your company, we will refer to the Requesting Client.


If you are having difficulty, please complete the form further down this page.


Complete this sign-up form to receive notifications, notices and confirmation upon pickup and delivery of your transportation.

Icône d'un véhicule de patrouille illustrant ce service de déplacement et livraison de véhicule de Transteck Canada.