Long Haul Services

Drive-A-Way Services

Canada – USA

Whether you need to ship a brand new vehicle to a customer, move a vehicle in need of repairs, scheduled maintenance or for rental or leasing purposes, Transteck Group should be the first thing that comes to mind… Our well established company has been around since 2004 and has moved an impressive number of vehicles throughout the years. Whether you need a vehicle moved to any location in Canada or anywhere in the United States, Transteck Group is the company you need to call for an efficient, personalized and better service. All our drivers are well trained on all kinds of equipment such as buses, motor coaches, fire trucks, boom trucks, snow removal equipment and an endless variety of other heavy equipment.

Insurance policy

We do have one of the best insurance policy in the business to reassure all of our customers that all of their vehicles will get to their destination quickly, efficiently, safely but most importantly on time every time.


  • Drive-A-Way Services / Truck Delivery
  • Light and Heavy Equipment
  • Fire Trucks and Emergency Vehicles
  • Buses, RV and Coaches Delivery
  • Mobile Cranes and Concrete Pumps
  • Custom Services to US and Canadian Ports
  • Temporary Registrations
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Piggyback / Decking


A simple phone call gets your vehicle on its way. Using our services to send your vehicles where they need to be at a scheduled time is the best solution to maximize your business performance and minimize your costs of operations. No more driver turnover, no accommodation costs and no more bad surprises ; always know what the real costs are.

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