Company History


Since 2005

Transteck Group Inc is a Quebec City based company founded in 2005 which is well known for its various services. Its administrative leaders, supported by a team of employees and collaborators throughout North America always aim to provide the best personalized service tailored to the needs of each of its customers.


Since its creation, the company specializes in many services to carriers such as moving heavy and light vehicles, local, regional and long haul, serving Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Canada and the United States. Semi-trailer transport is an integral part of some of our many offered services. We also have an onsite and offsite vehicle detailing division with many mobile units. Furthermore, wanting to meet the needs and requests of all customers, we also offer staffing services for temporary assignment or designated runs.


Over time, related services were added to the company’s activities. Transteck Group offers a full vehicle detailing center located in Quebec City on Watt Avenue. Services include washing and polishing of heavy vehicles, buses, cars, motor boats, trailers, motorcycles and much more. Our professional team can meet the needs of all customers in terms of vehicle detailing.


Group Transteck approaches the coming years with optimism and will, over the next few years, consolidate its position in the fields of activity where it operates, and expand its operation to various new sectors while enjoying the benefits of its organization in order to always give its customers a professional service tailored to their needs.
Founded in 2005, the company relies on a young and dynamic entrepreneur manager, David Hains. The decision of founding this new business was based upon his experience with the delivery and distribution of various goods and being the owner of a dozen light and heavy vehicles.


When the time came to bring vehicles to and from different locations for maintenance or repairs, all related costs were amplified due to driver related issues. The majority of drivers did not want to prolong their working hours. Whenever a rental unit needed to be added on to the fleet, Mr. Hains would have to go get it himself with another employee, therefore slowing down all operations and deliveries which resulted in a lack of customer service.


With the company being located in an industrial park with no car wash, the situation did not allow him to maintain the desired clean image. According to its values and pride concerning the appearance of its vehicles, Mr. Hains acquired a high pressure washer in order to maintain his high standards to stay on top of the industry. This task was to be performed by drivers but this temporary solution only worked for a few months due to the fact that drivers were still refusing to extend their working hours. Having an employee on standby so the vehicles could be washed at the end of each day was difficult and costly so this additional task was taken on by Mr. Hains evenings and weekends.


Wanting to resolve this problem, he then turned to different companies who might be offering this kind of service but in vain. Not finding anyone, he offered his services to the Leasing companies and maintenance companies he had ties with and it was a success. As time went by, he started offering this service via mobile at very reasonable costs, allowing them substantial savings. After a year of hard work, it bore fruit.


It is important to note that major customers have always supported and encouraged the company to grow which brings us now to a well-positioned company in many fields and always dedicated to its loyal customers.


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